Acrylic Nail Plastic or Natural Manicure?

The advantages of both options First of all you need to evaluate and give a realistic assessment of the condition of your nails. Take a good look at your nails. Do they look healthy? Are there any visible problems in their appearance? Are there stains on them? Are they brittle or strong and hard when you touch them? If you take regular and proper care of your nails and still you are experiencing some kind of problems with them, then you should consider your health condition. The nails and their shape indicate more serious health problems. If, however there is nothing wrong with your health but you think that your nails are not in their best shape, this may be hereditary and not at all your fault. In this case you may consider the option of upgrading your natural manicure with artificial materials.

If you are unsure whether to keep your natural nails or refer to the acrylic nails rising for the first time? Both options have their pros and cons and everything is a matter of your personal choice.