Forms of Nail Art

Nail art is an artistic venture that requires high levels of creativity. Although, the art aims at enhancing the appearance of the nails, it is of different forms. Here are the different .Freehand art.

This is one of the most fascinating forms of the art.  This form requires high levels of concentration and the artist has to work on a very small space (the nail). Here, the artist uses a brush or a pen to create a freehand design on the nail of the client.The images that are drawn depend on the client’s needs and preferences and the abilities of the artist.

The images drawn can range from the most simple to the most complex – from simple curved lines and dots to sophisticated pictures and drawings. The ability to create complex designs or simple designs depends on the artist’s talent.

Already Manufactured DesignsThis is a form of nail art that comes in form of stencils and stickers. The images in the stickers and stencils are usually pre-created and all you need to do is to apply the stickers and the stencils on your nails.