Manicure for stylish appearance

The autumn imposes its earthy colors. When storms are raging outside and there is no way to postpone going to work or meeting with a longtime friend, few options remain us to look good. However there is one thing that will surely stay in the cold, wind, rain and all the other whims of autumn: the manicure.

With its help, you can always add a color shade to the outfit with which to look stylish. Even when you are dressed in black, with hair tied up and nearly smudged makeup, the manicure will make the others to remember you. In the autumn and winter we usually dress in darker colors. Therefore, you can boldly polish your nails in a bright color and add a colorful accent to your outfit. As regards the trends in the manicure of the season, we would say that one is none. Of respect are all colors – starting from gray, going through shades of brown and getting to infinite colored pictures on the nails, such as a fried egg, for example.