Nail Care

Sour cream and sea salt for healthy nails

Rarely we have enough time to take care of our hands and in particular the nails. There are always some household chores that must be done and which harm not only the soft skin of the hands, but also the beautiful and healthy nails.To maintain a nice manicure it is good to eat healthily.

The prolonged staying in water also harms the beautiful manicure and therefore it is recommended when you are washing the dishes to use gloves.

After you have washed your hands with soap, mandatory put cream on your hands and massage for several minutes. Concerning the food – in order your nails to be healthy you need to choose products rich in protein, zinc, iron and calcium.

When you shape your nails, be careful what nail polish remover you use – it should not be with a high content of acetone. It is desirable to always put a basis before applying the chosen color of nail polish. When you are filing your nails it is important to do it in only one direction – whilst walking the file back and forth can split the nails.

We offer you several recipes for maintaining healthy and beautiful nails: –