How To

Tutorial for Doing a Newspaper Nail Design

Newspaper nail design is one of the most unique nail arts and may look expensive as well. However unlike in many nail tutorials, I will reveal ways on how you can achieve this design cheaply at home. There are things you need to have with you, as you get ready to start off this fun and inexpensive process.

What you need are polish remover, rubbing alcohol or Surgical spirit, favorite newspapers strips, clear coat polish and a light colored nail polish.Most nail tutorials do not mention this, but you first need to clean your nails and remove initial nail arts. This is good for better results.

Allow them to dry, and then apply a base coat to all your fingers. I assume you will apply this design to all your ten fingers. Give them adequate time to completely dry before going to the next step. Now that the coat is dry you can proceed to add the newspaper strips.

There are two ways of doing this. Most nail tutorials advice that you dip the strips in the surgical spirit. I prefer you only dip your fingers in the solution, one at a time since it is easier.