Types of manicure

The need for well maintained hands and nails in good health in the modern world is simply mandatory – this applies not only for women but also for men. Through regular care for your hands, you can achieve very good results. I will tell you about the main types of polishing of nails. You can do manicure at home alone or you can trust and to the cares of the professionals – the choice is yours.

Classic Manicure

The classical manicure is yet the most common type of manicure. It is sometimes called “wet” manicure, because during the procedure is used a bath with warm water with a bit of soap in it. The procedure is quite simple, the classic manicure you can do at home – this is its main advantage. The cuticle is removed with the help of special pliers and scissors and therefore there is a risk of injury and infection. After the procedure can appear skin peeling – this is one of the most unpleasant drawbacks of the classic manicure.

European Manicure